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FULL TIME Hatboro-Horsham PCA and Instructional Aide

Substitute Teacher Service, (STS) has immediate openings for FULL TIME PCA and Instructional Aide positions in the Hatboro Horsham School District. 

Special Education aide positions will provide group (classroom aide) and individual (classroom aide or 1:1 assistant) assistance with student academic and behavioral performance; direct student assistance with class work, homework, testing and communication. Personal Care positions will require assistance with monitoring of medical conditions, physical needs, personal care, feeding, exposure to bodily fluids and/or toileting. Applicants must have and be able to perform the following for Special Education positions:
  Attain and maintain current CPR/First Aid certification
  • Provide individual and/or small group support to implement specific academic, behavioral, and/or physical accommodations as outlined in the IEP or Section 504 Plan,
  • Provide assistance in the development and preparation of instructional materials and adaptive strategies,
  • Support inclusion, socialization and independence within the school setting,
  • Maintain confidentiality of student records and information,
  • Collect and maintain data as required by the student plan for medical assistance logs, daily communication logs, and anecdotal records,
  • 1:1/PCA- provide intensive program level support to students in specialized classes: Life Skills, Emotional Support, and Autistic Support.
  • PCA – provide direct student assistance with monitoring of a medical condition, physical needs, personal care, feeding, and/or toileting (possible exposure to bodily fluids)

Full time PCA positions are for the entire school year.  Applicants must be able to commit to the full year.

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